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Raymond Ragnaud Cognac

In spite of the dominance of the large blending houses, a few producers continue to distill eau de vie made from grapes grown exclusively on their own properties, and market single vineyard cognacs. One of these such property owners is Mme Raymond Ragnaud of the Chateau d'Ambleville in the Grande Champagne district, she continues the tradition of her late husbands family with its long history in the region. We have marketed Raymond Ragnaud Cognacs for the last twenty years, and are now importing the following styles. Selection (4 year quality) - Reserve (7 year quality) -Vieille Reserve (15 year quality) - Extra Vieux (25 year quality) and Hors d'Age (35 year quality). The ages quoted refer to the age of the youngest spirit in the blend, their average age is considerably greater. These Grande Champagne cognacs all have apart from their rarity, subtlety of bouquet, finesse and a dry clean taste of the grape. The effect of extra ageing of the older blends is very obvious both to nose and palate. The Hors d'Age is a truly remarkable cognac, of  all the grower distillers in the area, very few have reserves of the older distillations needed to make such a product.