…It would be rude not to... It is St Patrick’s after all…

So why do we drink on St Patrick’s Day?

Ireland’s most native beverage has always been Whiskey.

With St Patrick’s Day falling right in the middle of Lent, Christians often withheld indulging in meat and alcohol; however the church now kindly allows a day off on St Patrick’s Day, hence a great time for the Irish and all of you Whisky drinkers!

Sandham’s have the solution, a great range of Irish Whiskeys in stock to help you celebrate and as the Irish would say "Sláinte agus táinte!" (Cheers to you).

A few recommendations to get you literally into the Irish Spirit

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey - £23.99 a bottle

Jamesons Irish Whiskey - £22.98 a bottle

Paddy Irish Whiskey - £21.95 a bottle

Not a Whiskey drinker? We have a range of alternative wines, beers, ciders and spirits available in store.